How One Dad Got Into The Groove Of Life

One of the reasons I started up The Art of Fatherhood was to showcase dads who are doing it right. I research and find stories about dads who are looking to be the best father that they can be and share their ideals with others. One that comes to mind is Peter Goodwin. I had the chance to interview Peter about his fatherhood journey and why he started up his company called Groove Life. You can check out that interview here. 

Living That Groove Life 

Peter and his team at Groove Life go by a set of values that parents look to instill into their children. Their mission exists to serve people, inspire adventure, and reflect God. These are some of the values that dads tell me they care about when it comes to raising kids. Speaking with Peter he said that he wants his employees to not work long days. He wants them to spend time with family. He wants to do that as well. So he feels that it is only fair that everyone is afforded that opportunity. In today’s society where everyone is connected with smartphones it is hard to shut off from the job after the work day is over. For Peter it is a must to have a healthy work life balance. 

So how did Groove Life come to be? Peter was not looking for a corporate gig. He wanted to follow his passions and be a guide in Alaska. When he and his wife had more children his wife wanted to leave her job and be home with the kids. Peter knew he had to get another job, but didn’t want to lose his sense of adventure. After selling The General Lodge, a wilderness retreat that he had built with his own hands, and fueled by the desire to design premium, innovative products that were backed by unbelievable customer service, Groove Life was born.

Groove Life combines his passion for the outdoors and adventure while helping others find comfort and style. Again we see the value of serving others and looking to inspire them as well. From silicone rings to magnetic belts to watches Peter and the Groove Life team have a variety of items that you will love to wear. 

When Style Meets Comfort 

I am not into jewelry or watches. That is probably not what Groove Life wants to hear, but let me explain. When my wife and I were picking out wedding bands I didn’t really have any style in mind. I went for the plain run of the mill ring. We always joked that it looked like something that fell off a bike. I want to rock things that are comfortable. When I was talking to the fine folks over at Groove Life they talked about their silicone rings. They sent me and my wife a few rings and no joke it felt like a weight was removed from my finger. 

You might think that is overdramatic, but once you rock a silicone ring from Groove Life you will never want to go back to your old ring. Plus guys, here is a tip. After you pick up rings from Groove Life you can be romantic by getting your new rings blessed and renewing your vows with your spouse. They will love it. Want to surprise your spouse and get them rings without them knowing what you are doing? You are in luck! There is an app for that! 

You Got The Tools And The Talent 

Groove Life made it SUPER easy to get rings that fit you. Their app has the tools and tech for you to measure your ring size. All you need to do is download the app and check out the sizing chart on your phone or tablet. While you are there you can see all the cool styles and collaborations. They work with companies like Marvel and recently just announced a cool partnership with Tony Hawk. 

I highly recommend their belts too. Groove Life sent me two belts that have no holes. It is a magnetic belt clip to form the best fit around your waist. I gave one of them to my friend and he loves it. He said that he needed a belt that would work for his work pants, but also for his jeans. He tried the belt and said it is stylish for work and yet great for his jeans. I agree with him on that. No need to worry about which belt loop you need to fit into. The magnet takes care of that. 

So if you are looking for a new watch, ring or belt I highly recommend Groove Life. Not only are you going to get products that are fantastic, but you are helping a company that cares about family and raising great kids. That is the type of company I will always want to support and I am guessing you do too. For all of their outstanding products go to their site at 

Please note: I teamed up with Groove Life for a paid campaign, but my thoughts are my own. 

26 thoughts on “How One Dad Got Into The Groove Of Life”

  1. Not only does Peter get how to run a business, but the app looks like a game-changer. Seems like it is very easy to order rings on their. My wife and I will check them out.

    • That app is really cool. You will enjoy checking out all of the items Groove Life has to offer. Plus the ring size part is super cool.

  2. This past year we been hearing about all things that are negative and bad that is going on in the world. This is breath of fresh air. To see companies trying to be there for their employees is a site for sore eyes.

  3. I got one of those rings from Groove Life last year. It is fantastic. Glad to hear Peter’s story on your podcast.

  4. Just finished listening to the podcast you had with Peter. Peter had some good points about fatherhood and running a business.

    • Nice Doug. My wife and I really enjoy our rings from Groove Life. You won’t be disappointed. Make sure you use their app. It is really cool.

  5. Big fan of this site and each week I enjoy reading these articles about dads who are leading by example. Peter is just another example of that.


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