James Arnold Taylor Talks Fatherhood, The Clone Wars, Voice Acting & More

James Arnold Taylor sits down with me to talk about the final season of The Clone Wars, what Star Wars means to him and which Star Wars character best represents his parenting style. James also talks about working with his daughter, Lydia on the feature film Animal Crackers and what his daughter has taught him about life. We finish the interview with the Fatherhood Quick Five. 

About James Arnold Taylor 

James Arnold Taylor is an actor, entertainer, motivational writer and speaker, host and emcee for every occasion. He is one of the most versatile Voice-Actors in Hollywood today known worldwide within the video game and animation communities, as well as an established event host for Disney, LucasFilm, REEDPop, SquareEnix and the USO.

Most have you have probably heard Taylor’s work and not even have known it was him. That to him means that he is doing his job right. Whether he is leading a clone army as Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series or running around Bedrock as Fred Flintstone Taylor brings our favorite characters to life. Not only does he voice animated characters, but he steps in for actors like Johnny Depp when a line needs to be redone for a film.

For more on James follow him on Twitter @JATactor and check out his website at jamesarnoldtaylor.com.

About The Art of Fatherhood Podcast 

The Art of Fatherhood Podcast follows the journey of fatherhood. Your host, Art Eddy talks with dads from all around the world where they share their thoughts on fatherhood. Please leave a review wherever you listen to podcasts.

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