Paul Sun-Hyung Lee Talks Fatherhood, Kim’s Convenience, The Mandalorian & More

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee sits down with me to talk about his fatherhood journey. We have an open conversation about having kids, loss and how each kid is different. Paul talks about how he and his wife balance each other out when it comes to parenting. We then go into his fantastic acting career. Paul shares how he was typecast as an Asian actor, but that changed when he worked on Kim’s Convenience. We also talk about how Dave Filoni approached him to be in The Mandalorian. Next we geek out about Star Wars and other things we collect. Lastly, we finish the interview with the Fatherhood Quick Five. 

About Paul Sun-Hyung Lee 

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee is an award-winning actor, writer, comedian and dad. Winner of a Canadian Screen Award for Best Actor in a Continuing Leading Comedic Role, the Toronto Theatre Critics Award for Best Actor, and nominated for both ACTRA  and Dora Mavor Moore Awards for Outstanding Performance, Paul continues to pursue excellence both onstage and onscreen. He and his wife, Anna are blessed with two children. 

Follow Paul on Twitter at @bitterasiandude and on Instagram at @angryappa.

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About The Art of Fatherhood Podcast 

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10 thoughts on “Paul Sun-Hyung Lee Talks Fatherhood, Kim’s Convenience, The Mandalorian & More”

  1. Love Kim’s Convenience and anything else Paul does. This was a great podcast to see another side of him in real life.

    • Thank you Bill.

    • Thanks Larry! I agree. Paul really loves being a dad.

    • No doubt Scott. It was neat to hear how he got to fly an X-Wing.

    • Thanks Chad! I appreciate that.


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