When You Mind The Gap You Learn About Other Generations 

Ok, boomer! That has been one of the catchphrases that has been thrown around for a few years now. It seems that the disconnect between generations is larger today than it has been in the past. How do we bridge that gap? Communication. In any relationship communication is key. When we take the time to learn about another generation we can understand the reasons behind their actions and words. This is very important especially when it comes to the relationship between kids and grandparents. Over the Thanksgiving holiday last year, three generations learned a lot about each other while playing a board game. I know that might sound odd, but here is how a board game started some fantastic conversations between a grandpa, parents and kids. 

Learning How To Mind The Gap 

This past Thanksgiving my father-in-law came for a visit. We had a great time with him, but when we sat down to play a board game we started to not only have fun, but started learning more about each other. I credit the board game Mind The Gap for starting these conversations. For those who don’t know Mind The Gap is a board game that challenges you and your friends to answer questions about popular TV shows, movies, music, slang, and news-worthy events. It has questions that span the generations of Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z.

After the team gave their guess to a question and the answer was revealed the fun started to begin. We started to explain some more information to each other about the generation behind that question and that era. It was like tiny history lessons we were sharing each round. It was interesting to see my father-in-law learn more about my kids’ generation and vice versa. There were times where we would talk about something for about five to ten minutes before playing the game again. That is what family bonding is all about. Mind the Gap was a catalyst to not only family fun, but our family learning more about each other. This trend continued even after we finished the game. 

Conversations After Playing Mind The Gap 

My father-in-law learned more about Taylor Swift that day when we played Mind The Gap. There was a question about Taylor Swift and my kids gave my father-in-law a master class in all things Taylor Swift. After the game my daughters started playing Swift’s music for him. He listened to her country phase and her pop culture phase. He then flipped the script and said Swift’s music sounded like Stevie Nicks’ music. My kids then were given a lesson on Nicks’ music.

This is just a small taste of what happens when you play Mind The Gap with your family and friends. I love when a game takes family time to another level. Mind The Gap is the butterflies of board games. Mind The Gap starts in one area of playing a game with your family to then metamorphosing to each generation sharing something about them to close that gap. This game is a must have for all families. Not only will you have fun playing the game, but you get to learn more about your loved ones and their generation. To me that is a win-win! To pick up Mind The Gap check out their site at solidroots.com 

Please note: I teamed up with Solid Roots for this campaign, but my thoughts are my own.

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  1. I listened to the podcast with them on it too. This game sounds like it is right up our alley. We try and do a family game night the first Friday of the month. Thanks for always highlight great products and companies that care about families.

    • Love that tradition of family game night. Have fun playing Mind the Gap. Plus check out all the other games Solid Roots has to offer. They have a bunch of them!

  2. Powerful read Art. Kids need to learn about the past generations, but now as a grandfather I see the importance that we need to learn what makes the younger generations tick. I am going to pick up this game for when my son brings his family for their visit in the spring.

  3. This game seems like it should be in everyone’s house. Understanding each other and having the kind of talks that you had with your family is needed today.

  4. Are you telling me that there are games where you don’t flip boards over?!?!?! Lols. Looks like a fun game. Can I get them at the store or do I have to order online?

  5. One of the reasons I keep listening to your podcast and checking out your site is for things like this. You help keep dads and families in the know about things they should check out. Jen and Chris sound like really fun people. This game looks very interesting.

  6. Just listened to your podcast episode with them. Jen you are right about the laundry chore. We have been doing that for years. This game was made out of love. My family and I can’t wait to play it, maybe on Tuesday. lol

  7. One of the biggest issues we have in our house is finding a game for all ages. Mind the Gap solves this problem. Can’t wait to pick this up for my family.


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