These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 194 – Star Wars Dads Doing It Right  

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right series I am showcasing some Star Wars Dads. As we get ready for Star Wars Day, May 4th, I wanted to highlight more Star Wars dads that are doing things right. In addition, if there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below. 

Star Wars Dads 

Din Djarin – Wherever He Goes, I Go 

I used to get nervous when Din would leave Grogu on the ship or with a stranger. After a while I came to understand Din was doing the best he could as a single dad. He even let him go with Luke Skywalker to train to be a Jedi. Yet he really missed Grogu. In addition, Grogu missed Din. They created a father and son type of bond that grew stronger over time. Din really cares for Grogu and vise versa. It is great to see that bond develop in the Star Wars galaxy. 

Hunter – Taking Care Of Omega 

Hunter and his fellow 99 Clone division, known as the Bad Batch learned to live from his other Clone brethren. He had a small circle of people he led and cared for that felt right. When Hunter and the other Bad Batch members met Omega a younger, female clone version, Hunter wants to make sure she is safe. He takes on a dad role to make sure Omega is safe. Hunter tries to balance protecting her and making sure she can take care of herself. Even though she is a lot younger, he does listen to her and makes her feel like she is an important part of the team. 

Owen Lars – Looking Out For Luke 

Imagine you get an out of the blue visit from a step-brother who seems very impulsive. Yes, you met him when he loses his mother, but even before learning that news, Anakin seemed a bit off. Then a few years later, your step-brother’s friend drops off his son with a set of intricate instructions. That is a lot of responsibility that is put in your world. When I was a kid watching the first Star Wars film, I wasn’t a fan of Uncle Owen’s way of not letting Luke embrace his own destiny. Now as a father I can appreciate Owen’s efforts. He and his wife, Beru did what they felt is best for Luke. Unfortunately, they lost their lives when the Empire was searching for the missing droids. Owen and Beru did their best to raise Luke and the galaxy can thank them for raising a future Jedi. 

Ephraim Bridger – Caring For His Son And What Is Right 

Ephraim Bridger was the father to Ezra Bridger in the animated series Star Wars Rebels. Ezra starts the series as a teenager on the planet Lothal. Ephraim and his wife, Mira started their own rebellion on Lothal to go against the Empire regime. To keep their son, Ezra safe, Ephraim and Mira put him out of harms way. They left hidden messages for him that he eventually found. As Ezra and his allies started to fight the Empire, he saw why his parents did what they did. Some of the animosity left Ezra and he found peace knowing his parents loved him and wanted him to live a long and full life. 

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